The Book of Shaders ported to Godot's shader language with an editor.

Live loading, editing and saving of godot shaders in a simplified interface.

Experiment, create new shaders, but most importantly - have fun!

Source code:

Godot shader language

Migrate to Godot's shader language


BookOfShadersGodot.exe 41 MB
BookOfShadersGodot.x86_64 25 MB
Download 14 MB


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Haha, amazing presentation ! Great !

Holy Moly, this is just what I was searching for. Thank you!!


omg, this is amazing. I'm actually speechless rn. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!

for linux you cant open it. first turn on allow launching.

$ chmod +x BookOfShadersGodot_alpha.x86_64
$ ./BookOfShadersGodot_alpha.x86_64

A nice way to learn to code